31 diciembre 2015

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Hello everybody.

As today is the last day of the year I'd like to write a little bit of what has happened since the last time I wrote something here.
If you remember or read the last post I was in France working in a project with a professor. sadly I returned to Mexico but I'm hoping to return in the future. I was thinking in my plans to do for this 2016, as you remember this December I "finished" my master degree, well I'm still writing my thesis but I won't take too much time to finish it. Also, I started to find a job, I already find something but they asked me to take some courses before, so I'm doing it and I hope to start the year working.

As I already mentioned in the last post, I was thinking in a Ph.D., I had a plan to apply to enter to the University of Manchester, but because of some issues I'll have to wait until 2017 to try. At the beginning I got a little sad, but I think it is the right move to do, also I'll have more time to save money. So I'm expecting this 2016 with a lot of work, that will be worthy for the next step on my plans for the future.

Now speaking about this 2015, It was really great, and thinking about my whole life I could say that from 5 years to know, each years has been better than the last, but 2015 made it really difficult for 2016 to overcome its awesomeness. Why? Because I did a lot of things, I visited places that I'd never thought I would see,  visited countries like France, Spain, England and met too many interesting people that I could call friends, and all thanks to this passion for what I do, that I'm sure this will take me further.

I think that's all I had to write. See you in the next post, and happy new year to everybody.